About fnord.se

This site was originally planned to be my personal playground without any real public content. However, since then things has happened, and I figured I probably should put up some kind of generic index.html so people won't get lost as easily :)

This is it, in case you were wondering. So, what's hidden on this site? There's the occasionally updated blog-thing, and of course my utilities Expiretable and Tableutil, most recently ECalc, a calculator plugin for Eclipse, and finally some old UO UI designer thing I wrote years back to see what all this C# hype was about anyway. I still get hits on that page, so I haven't removed it yet.

Contact me

Bugs or feature-requests for any one of my programs can be sent to bugs (at) fnord (dot) se. Don't expect any bug-fixes or new features unless you let me know you want them. Also, if you find yourself using one of my utils it would be fun to know about it.

Anything that is not a bug or feature-request can be sent to henrik (dot) gustafsson (at) fnord (dot) se. Usually I also hang out on the Freenode IRC network using the nick 'gsson'. Look for me in #openbsd or #unix.se.